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welcome to alta queenstown

Having a store based in Queenstown we have a lot of people from all over the country (and world) coming in and telling us we have the best looking store with amazing brands constantly, we thought we should make the alta experience available to everyone. Thats why we set up online - we had so many people asking us to.We may not stock every brand under the sun but the ones that we do stock we stock well.

Whether its a technical item (such as a board, boot, binding etc) or a fashion we've got it covered. Where we can we support not only the NZ brands but also the local QT brands and riders. We back everything that we stock.

For us at alta being based in Queenstown is all about the lifestyle. Winters obviously all about the snow for us. All the staff have done multi back to back seasons and live for the white stuff. We have an awesome crew who have been involved in the industry for a long time whether its been retail, Instructing, demo-ing, or anything else involved with snow. Theres almost nothing we cant help you with when it comes to making the most of your winter season.

Summers equally as good if you're not a back to back season player. Our main gig in summer is mountain biking. Not the lycra style if thats what you're thinking, more the DH (we love the Gondola for getting to the top), Dirt Jump, trail hitting stuff. Its great going from one season to another and getting a recharge being fully amped on getting back into the new seasons thing. Dave our main Snowboard dude starting DH after 20 odd winters has hung aroun QT for summer and is loving the biking.

We hope we can help you enjoy the seasons as much as us. Drop us an email or if you're in QT come on in for a chat and check us out (8 Duke St, Queenstown). We're here to help.